Fundamental. Holistic.

Types of Education

  • Dual vocational training
  • Dual studies
  • Working student positions
  • Internships
  • Theses

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My day at JOST within the education program

A globally established employer in an exciting industry offers great perspectives!

07:00 am

Every Friday, JOST provides us with internal vocational training to support us optimally in the theoretical part of our education.

8:00 am

Our working hours are flexible and depend on the conditions of the respective specialist department. Self-planned work from home is also possible.

11:00 am

Own projects, own responsibility! JOST trusts us with without overwhelming us. Realizing own projects under supervision feels really good!

12:00 pm

Lunch break: In addition to fair compensation, apprentices and interns at JOST are offered a large selection of free food and drinks. At least once a week, everyone eats lunch together.

1:30 pm

Next week, the next department change is coming up. After 4-10 weeks per department, new, varied tasks are already waiting for me!

2:00 pm

Working in sales is exciting and so far, it’s my favorite! The next customer is already calling – I’ll take the call myself.

3:00 pm

Feierabend and weekend! Another week in which I learned a lot of really important things.

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For those who want more

After completing my training as an aircraft electronics technician, I wanted to further my education and expand my professional horizons. During my online research, I came across JOST’s dual study program. I am now in my third semester and learning about the various facets of product development.

Karla, 25
Technical Department

After an internship in quality management, I stayed at JOST as a working student and also wrote my thesis here. The practical experience was very valuable for me and strengthened my understanding of theoretical study content!

Sibél, 23,

During my apprenticeship, I got to know all the commercial departments at JOST and was able to find out which activities I liked best. After my apprenticeship, I was finally taken over into my favorite department and have been working as a dispatcher in logistics ever since. I’ll take a year off from further education and start my advanced training as a business administrator next year.

Vitaly, 21,

Experience JOST

The employees of our company are our most valuable asset. Only together can we achieve our goals, develop ourselves every day, and tackle the challenges of the future today.

For this reason, we want to provide our employees with a professional environment that is as closely tailored to their individual life situation as possible. We have understood that performance and commitment in the workplace can only succeed if work inspires, promotes strengths, and also gives personal wishes, ideas, and requirements room to breathe.

That is why we work daily with our employees to further develop ourselves as an employer to offer them more and more.

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