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My day at JOST within the Administration

The big picture and attention to detail are the keys to our shared success!

07:00 am

Start of work: I like to start my day early to spend afternoons with my family. At JOST, that’s no problem!

08:30 am

The first emails of the day come in: with our well-coordinated internal exchange with other departments, we promptly answer all questions about price, product, and delivery.

12:30 pm

Tomorrow, some colleagues from our location in Sweden will visit us. The exchange of experiences and the factory tour will certainly be very exciting!

1:00 pm

There were problems with the delivery note for a delivery. We take care of it.

2:30 pm

Just before the end of the workday, I take the time to write a blog post in the intranet about our recent award from an OEM. What a strong team performance!

3:00 pm

Off work! In the summer, it’s the perfect time to go to the swimming pool with the kids.

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Experience JOST

The employees of our company are our most valuable asset. Only together can we achieve our goals, develop ourselves every day, and tackle the challenges of the future today.

For this reason, we want to provide our employees with a professional environment that is as closely tailored to their individual life situation as possible. We have understood that performance and commitment in the workplace can only succeed if work inspires, promotes strengths, and also gives personal wishes, ideas, and requirements room to breathe.

That is why we work daily with our employees to further develop ourselves as an employer to offer them more and more.

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