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My day at JOST within the plant

Together, we set new standards through our experience and foresight!

2:00 pm

Shift start: Team or shift leader announces the news of the day. Then: off to the forklift and let’s go!

4:00 pm

Concurrent deliveries in goods receiving: We help where we are needed!

5:00 pm

Processing the Bundesliga results from the weekend with colleagues in production: Cross-departmental friendships exist at JOST in all areas.

6:00 pm

Rush hour in goods dispatch: Everyone knows what to do and together we get the ready-to-go trucks on the road just-in-time!

6:30 pm

Briefing for the next day: Our new forklift guidance system will be presented.

10:00 pm

Shower, grab your bag from the lockers, and head home after a well-deserved evening.

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Experience JOST

The employees of our company are our most valuable asset. Only together can we achieve our goals, develop ourselves every day, and tackle the challenges of the future today.

For this reason, we want to provide our employees with a professional environment that is as closely tailored to their individual life situation as possible. We have understood that performance and commitment in the workplace can only succeed if work inspires, promotes strengths, and also gives personal wishes, ideas, and requirements room to breathe.

That is why we work daily with our employees to further develop ourselves as an employer to offer them more and more.

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